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jennifer d

Excellent bedside manner and knowledge above and beyond any other podiatrist in the area. Had I seem Dr Gilbertson first, I would never have needed another surgery.


Jean Seagren W


I had hammertoe and bone spur surgery in January and am very pleased with my outcome. Dr. Gilbertson is very knowledgeable and professional. I’m in the final stages of healing and can hardly wait to resume my walks again. I feel wonderful and can’t recommend Dr.Gilbertson and Renew Foot and Ankle in Grand Rapids enough. If you have any kind of foot issues I would HIGHLY recommend!


Jean Seagren W

I’m am extremely pleased with my hammertoe and bone spur surgery by Dr. Gilbertson. The surgery went well and the results are fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr.Gilbertson at Renew Foot and Ankle in Grand Rapids!



Dr. Gilbertson and his staff did an excellent job getting my issues sorted out and took the time to explain the problems and what my options were for treatment. I have had a 100% positive experience and my mobility and comfort levels are more than I hoped for. I would definitely recommend.


Jason Y

Renew Foot and Ankle took care of me when I had a badly infected toe. The hospital told me I would have to wait a week for them to operate, and after a call to the staff at Renew Foot and Ankle, I was scheduled to see Dr. Gilbertson first thing the next morning. And when I did, he was really great. He took care of the problem and was reassuring. He knew exactly what to treat the issue. And a few days later, they let me send them a couple of pictures so that they could tell me how the healing process was going. In all, I can't recommend Dr. Gilbertson and the staff at Renew Foot and Ankle enough. If you have any foot or ankle problem, I would head right to them.


Kevin D

I waited two years with two infected toenails until visiting with the staff at Renew Foot and Ankle. They eased my mind before, during, and after the painless procedure to fix my problem. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the service they provide. GREAT JOB!


John J


After having been to told for years that my ankle pain "is what it is" and to get used to it or "tough it out", I heard about a new place in town. After a quick set of specialized foot x-rays, a diagnosis was made. A plan was made and minimally invasive surgery was done. I healed quick, was walking with significantly less pain. It has now been over four months and I walk with no pain. I could not be happier. Great experience!!



Dr. Gilbertson & his staff were INCREDIBLE. 10 years ago my second toes started crossing over my big toes. Had surgery on my left foot first & was disappointed when the bandage came off. I had let 10 years go by & my toes on my right foot became a mess. A friend told me about Dr. Gilbertson. A 3 hour beautiful road trip to Grand Rapids from St. Paul. Met with this wonderful Podiatrist who explained everything to me. Had surgery a month later. OMG my toes were straight, bunion gone. I cried when I tried shoes on that fit my feet again. For the past 6 years all my shoes were 1 1/2 sizes to big for my feet to allow room for the bunion & crossed over toes. Very experienced Podiatrist. It's been almost 1 year now. Thank you Dr. Gilbertson & staff. You're amazing!!! I will be back to have my left foot done.


deb s

I have been having problems with ingrown and infected toenails for several years. Dr Gilbertson has taken care of the problem. He and his staff have been very kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone with foot problems.


Deb S


I have been having problems with ingrown and infected toenails for several years. Dr. Gilbertson has taken care of the problem for me and he and his staff were very helpful with all of my concerns. I would recommend him to anyone with foot problems.


Deb S

I had my left big toenail removed at the end of August because of persistent ingrown and infected nail. I was very nervous about doing this, but Dr. Gilbertson made it very easy to understand and the staff helped me through a few worries that I had. I was so impressed that I just had my right big toenail removed (same issues) today, 12/22/2021. I would recommend Dr Gilbertson to anyone with foot and ankle issues.


Patricia A K

My boyfriend had surgery a few weeks ago. I must say the Dr. did a remarkable job straightening is toes. His incisions are damn near flawless! I highly recommend him.


John J

Great experience from start to finish. I'm often a reluctant patient. Great staff and great clear explanation that was spoken too me not at me. September 2021 I had Dr Eric Gilbertson do my ankle surgery. I had broken my right ankle years back and for the last 6+ years that foot been more and more painful to walk on. Dr Eric Gilbertson knows his stuff. After day 3 when the nerve block had fully worn off I could tell my Ankle felt great. I had a right ankle arthroscopy, cleaning up a mess in the ankle joint. Knowing I have swelling yet and further healing, I’ve never been so optimistic about taking further steps without pain. #health #anklepain


Dawn D

Dr Gilbertson is a great and patient doctor highly recommended him.



When I met DR.Gilbertson he was very helpful in making me understand my problem and more realistic to what I have to do to get it better as far as activity was. As this is my third foot doctor, his knowledge was in no comparison to the others, he was way more informant, nice to talk to and you can understand what he is saying. in layman terms. & The staff I give them a (A plus)


Chad S

I flew to MN from Arizona to have a procedure on my Achilles that I ruptured. I’m 38 and the procedure was great. The staff was friendly and made sure I was comfortable. The process of the surgery was phenomenal. Only 2 small incisions to repair my Achilles. I had no pain afterwards and very little bleeding from incisions. Didn’t have to take any pain meds at all. I would highly recommend that everyone go to Dr Gilbertson at Renew Foot And Ankle due to his work and passion for making sure you procedure goes perfect.


Chad S

I am 38 and ruptured my Achilles. The staff was very friendly and made sure I was comfortable for the surgery. It’s amazing how the process works with only two small incisions. I had no pain and didn’t have to take any pain meds. Very little blood from incisions. I flew in from Arizona to have the procedure done with Dr Gilbertson. With his experience and passion for helping people I would highly recommend that everyone should go to Renew Foot and Ankle.


Brandon N

I went to see Dr. Gilbertson for pain in my foot, as he came highly recommended to me by another doctor. I can now attest to the fact as to why he came so highly recommended. He was very kind, professional, and listened to all my concerns. It’s been three weeks since he treated me, and my foot pain is no longer an issue. I will without a doubt see him for any future foot related issues I may have.


David B

Highly recommend Dr. Gilbertson. He’s up to date on the latest in innovation and has really listened to my needs as a patient.


David B


Dr. Gilbertson really listen’s to his patients needs. Doesn’t assume like many other physicians I’ve seen. Great staff with the most up to date technology from what I could tell. Would recommend anyone to him!



Superb care by friendly & knowledgable staff!


Brian C

Dr. Gilbertson is extremely personable and knows his stuff. It is a comfortable atmosphere and getting in for an appointment is easy.



Dr. Gilbertson explained all possible outcomes and challenges with my surgery. Very personable and what a great outcome. I got my life back thanks to this Doctor!


Joyce R


Dr Gilbertson gave me back the ability to walk without pain and continue to be able to work as a surgical nurse. That was over 10 years ago and I am still enjoying the results of that surgery.Having RA and no foot pain is huge! Thank you again! You will always be my Podiatrist.



Glad to hear you’re doing so well! Thanks for the positive feedback!