Ingrown Toenails

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Ingrown Toenails

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When an ingrown toenail is left untreated, it can cause pain and pressure around your toes. At Renew Foot & Ankle, double board-certified podiatrist Eric Gilbertson, DPM, FACFAS, can restore healthy feet by treating ingrown toenails and helping you find relief from its distressing symptoms. Book a consultation online or call the office for ingrown toenail help now.  

Ingrown Toenails Q&A

What is an ingrown toenail? 

An ingrown toenail can develop when the edge of your nail is damaged and no longer fits snugly next to the skin. The nail can grow downward and into the skin, which often results in inflammation, pain, redness, and sometimes infection. 


If a piece of the nail breaks off and becomes embedded in the skin, this can cause a bump to appear around the toe as well. 


What causes ingrown toenails? 

Ingrown toenails can happen to anyone, but they will most likely show up if you’re wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or if your nails are torn or cut in a way that changes its growth pattern. Ingrown toenails can also develop if you cut your nails too short or if you injure your toe in some way. 


If an ingrown toenail isn’t treated, it can affect the health of the underlying bone and cause a severe infection or complication. 


How are ingrown toenails treated?

Ingrown toenails can usually be treated quickly at the Renew Foot & Ankle office. There are several ways to repair the toenail, including:


Partial nail removal 


If you have a severe situation, Dr. Gilbertson might opt to remove part of the toenail, first numbing the area with a local anesthetic. 


Lifting and supporting the nail 


For less serious cases, Dr. Gilbertson might lift the edge of the toenail and support it with some type of material — like cotton or a small splint — that keeps the toenail growing in the right direction.


Total nail removal 


If your toenail is extremely compromised or if you have repeated problems with ingrown toenails, Dr. Gilbertson may remove the entire nail or a portion of the nail, including the tissue of the nail bed. 

What can I do to prevent ingrown toenails? 

While some people may be prone to ingrown toenails because of the way their nails grow, you can prevent them by trimming your nails in a straight line. You can also wear socks to bed to prevent nails from snagging. 

If an ingrown toenail returns, you might need a second removal procedure. To learn more about treatments for an ingrown toenail at Renew Foot & Ankle, call the office or book a consultation online today.